Help women who need a Second Chance empower themselves through education!

Helping women who need a second chance access postsecondary education so they can provide for their families, empower their children, and lift up their communities!

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Providing Second Chance Scholarships for Women around the World!

"It has been a very bumpy five years for me and my family due to the civil war in my beloved country, five years of instability, fear, poverty and death. I have been struggling to accomplish my goals of obtaining [my degree] to improve my family's life, but unfortunately due to this state of war that we have been plagued with has rendered a lot of graduates helpless with no hope to grow academically." - Scholarship Applicant

"I was married off to a stranger in an arranged marriage, when I was only fourteen years old. The year was 1983, when my childhood ended... My life seemed to be destined to repeat my mom's terrible story. They found a husband for me – a violent, abusive, older man. I ran away, but was brought back and beaten. By fourteen years old, I was already married and pregnant. I was treated like property. Life was a nightmare.... I have turned misery into a new path that has led me to you." - Scholarship Applicant

"Due to all these circumstances I will be extremely grateful to be provided with a scholarship to improve my education, to give me a framework to utilize my full potential, and help me find the stability I have lost so I can provide a safe environment for my children during these difficult times." - Scholarship Applicant

To even be eligible for this scholarship, these women have already won many battles. Let's help them win the war! Let's help them obtain a credential that will allow them to build a better life for themselves, for their families, and for their communities. The support you provide will uplift communities around the world in powerful ways through helping these amazing women achieve their dreams. They will inspire you and they will inspire the lives of everyone they meet.

Thank you for your support of these powerful Women around the World!